reminder that the matrix trilogy was written and directed by a trans woman (lana wachowski) along with her brother

one of the most influential and iconic sci fi movies was created by a trans woman and MORE PEOPLE NEED TO KNOW ABOUT THIS!! lana wachowski is a babe and an inspiration, one of the few female directors in hollywood as well as one of the few transgender people in hollywood. 


Normalize women with penises

Normalize men with vaginas

Normalize intersex people

Normalize singular neutral pronouns

Normalize diversity and crush stereotypes







These are a pair of onesies. For infants. One reads “i’m just a cupcake looking for my stud muffin” and the other reads “girls dig chubby guys”. Heteros really need to stop trying to force their lifestyle on children.

People are really creepy about pushing heterosexuality on babies in general. Like “oh, he loves to smile at girls, he’s such a flirt” and “What a pretty little girl; your daddy is going to have to beat the boys away with a stick”

Like can you not even wait for your infants to gain control of their neck muscles before you start pushing your sexual preferences on them?

oh my gosh this this this this this

so much

it makes me so uncomfortable

Just remove the “hetero” part and leave the “sexual”/”sexuality” ‘cause that’s the fucking creepy part. Doesn’t matter what orientation precedes it, sexual and child are not two words that should ever need to be used together.

Very true.

No, stop trying to derail this and act like heterosexuality ISN’T the one sexuality that is constantly forced onto children and considered socially acceptable to do so. People say shit like “oh you’re going to have to keep the boys away from her” or “oh he’s such a ladies man” about babies ALL THE DAMN TIME. I have seen cishet adults joke about pairing up presumed-other-sex babies when they were a few days old. If you complain about the notion of presuming a child’s sexuality (even if you phrased it as ANY sexuality), you’re told to get a sense of humour. There are NO social consequences for pushing heterosexuality onto children.

You know what would happen if queer people did that? We’d be accused of child abuse, paedophilia, trying to shove “the gay agenda” down people’s throats, and bad parents/guardians.

One time when I was sixteen, I was sick of listening to my relatives ask my cousin (who was around seven or eight at the time) if lots of boys flirted with her at school. So I asked her if any girls flirted with her. My relatives were disgusted. Absolutely disgusted. “I should HOPE not!” I got filthy looks for the rest of the day. I probably wouldn’t make those comments now I’m older. Partly because “do people flirt with you” is inappropriate small talk for a child, yes, and it probably wasn’t fair to ask that just so I could try to get one over on bigoted relatives. And also because I would rather not have accusations of abuse slung at me for pointing out the hypocrisy of cisheteronormativity!

No, you shouldn’t presume a child’s sexuality or gender until you’ve been told (and then you should fucking listen to them, not dismiss them as too young to understand themselves). But let’s not pretend that cisheteronormativity and hypersexualisation of queer sexualities aren’t pervading social phenomena here. There are VERY different consequences depending on which sexualities you presume.


Dramatic lighting after 2am is always a good idea

Non-binary bisexuals are badass and amazing, pass it on

the gender binary is a meme we have grown sick of


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Society often blurs the lines between drag queens and trans women. This is highly problematic, because many people believe that, like drag queens, trans women go home, take off their wigs and chest plates, and walk around as men. Trans womanhood is not a performance or costume. —

-Janet Mock, Redefining Realness (via inextinguishabledesires)

so fucking important. Trans women are women. No fucking debate or question. They are women.

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im biologically non binary


Let me talk to you about books.

Specifically, one book. This book.

This book should be a best seller. This book should be required reading for graduating from high school. Before you get that diploma, you read this book.

This book deals with debunking “Neurosexism,” which is a very fancy term for all of that evolutionary psychology bullshit that people spill about those “brain differences” between boys and girls.

This book debunks such myths as:

  • Boys are better at math than girls
  • Women make crappy lawyers/business CEOs/etc, as their brains are not cut out for aggression.
  • Men make crappy counselors/primary school teachers/primary parents/etc, as their brains are not cut out for empathy.
  • And many other such myths.

Furthermore, this book covers topics such as: 

  • Neurosexism and gender perceptions in multiple races (as this is not a singularly white experience, just as the western world isn’t a singularly white experience)
  • Sex discrimination in the workplace, and how women are (or, more often, are not) allowed to behave
  • How science is used (badly) to support many of these claims
  • Experiences of trans people, both through interviews and empirical studies.

AND FINALLY - It is all brilliantly researched, cited, compiled - and it’s easy to read! Cordelia Fine actually manages to be funny while writing this, which I think is important, because it makes all of this information infinitely accessible.

Delusions of Gender has reinforced what Oberlin taught me: The gender binary is stupid and arbitrary, and dangerous. And it is a self-perpetuating bias that needs to be addressed to be overcome.


i just want a queer version of every show i’ve ever cared about


agender people can’t wear boy/girl clothes. they can only wear ugly sweaters that your grandma sends at christmas with three sleeves


the gender police sent me a letter telling me to cease and decis


i want trans kids to be safe so badly.


You can like wearing sundresses and lace and still be nonbinary.

You can like wearing pantsuits with ties and still be a woman.

You can like wearing floral patterns and still be a man.

Gender identity is valid. Gender expression is subjective. Gender norms are bullshit.