reality tv show where they take out trans and non binary people and buy them a whole new wardrobe to help them feel comfortable and fit their representation


it takes a lot of acceptance and kindness to date a cis person.

trans people w cis partners are so strong and open-minded.


I want to make a zine I should do that sometime


Cis is actually an acronym for “caution, I suck”


I was originally going to do this for all demigenders, but then I went into the demigirl tag and urg. You guys need positive stuff in your tag.

So have a quick and probably bad attempt at those cute graphic things


shout out to younger nonbinary people who’ve been told it’s “just a phase” or that they’re “too young to know”. having someone invalidate your feelings because you figured something about yourself out at an early age is unfair and you don’t deserve it.

friendly reminder that i have a gender neutral music blog!!! it’s been pretty dead for a while, but i’ve started updating again c: i’d love some requests or suggestions!!

Friends friends fr ie nds today has been so good let me tell you why. So we all went to my grandparents’ house for Easter (my parents, brothers and I, plus my two aunties and four cousins) and had lunch and then did an Easter egg hunt!! So it was fun, I love seeing my cousins. But what was best was seeing my family react to my coming out - none of them said anything to my face but. My grandma has just got back from Ireland, and she got me some clothes - a jumper and waistcoat, both from the men’s department at next! This is a huge deal because she’s previously said that she could never see me as anything other than a girl, and that she’d feel awkward shopping in the man’s dept. but aaaah yeah. And then there’s my cousins, bless their hearts. My two youngest cousins are 5 and 8 and they both made repeated references to it, calling me a boy and using he/him/his pronouns it was so cute. Even my brothers joined in a bit. My parents/grandparents still won’t use my pronouns but this was really great wow

Anonymous asked: Hey, I don't know how relevant this is to your blog but I'll give it a go. I'm a pre-everything trans guy, I'm into girls and guys. I've been with my cis boyfriend for 2 years. I'm super attracted to him but I'm also insanely jealous of his body. I find all of his masculine features like his chest, back, arms, v line, junk, everything so attractive but I also find it really difficult to appreciate that and pleasure him because I'm so jealous of those features. What should I do?

hey friend!!! it’s totally relevant, and i’m always willing to give advice (or just listen) whether the problem is gender related or otherwise!!!

I don’t have a lot of experience with this, i’ve never been in a sexual relationship (and being asexual, i don’t plan on it) BUT i do sugger horrendously from jealousy towards cis boys (such as my brothers, cute boys in the street, even boys i hate bc THEY’RE STILL GODDAMN CIS BOYS WITH CIS BOY BODIES.) 

You’re pre-everything - are you going to remain this way? is this a permanent thing, or merely a stage in your life that you will go through, and then move on from upon getting hormones and/or surgery? If it’s short-term (i say short, i mean like. if you’re planning on transitioning) then what we’re looking at is focussing on the future, i’d say. i don’t think there’s a way to NOT be jealous - he has what you want, it’s unfair. BUT i think you can enjoy what he has, and take comfort in the knowledge that some day, you will have it too - your body will not be the way it is now forever. when you’re doing the do with your boo (GOSH THAT WAS A FUN PHRASE) instead of being all ‘oh no this is what i wish i had i am jealous and upset’, maybe try and be more ‘this is what i am going to have one day, i can’t wait!’

If you are or aren’t transitioning, you could  (both) try focusing on the non-gendered parts of yourself - your stomach, back, calves, neck, wrists. be imaginative!!!

ALSO you could ask your boo to help with this by (if he doesn’t already) using very masculine words to describe your body - your jaw is strong, your face is handsome, that type of thing!!! knowing that he finds you super hot (i mean let’s face it nonnie, I’m betting that you’re a total cutie) will do wonders for your confidence, and help you realise that although your body is not the way you want it, the way it should be - it still works, it can still make him feel good.

IDK I HOPE THIS ISN’T ALL COMPLETE BULLSHIT i am completely inexperienced with sex and relationships and most of this is like self-confidence building??? and like, your self-image i guess. AH NONNIE i hope this is all okay and vaguely what you wanted, please message back if you want and let me know how everything goes with you!!! 

Anonymous asked: i just wanted to say that i love your blog!! and it's really helped me to feel secure in my gender and thanks to you i've come out to close friends and family! i can't thank you enough for that!!! smile often and have a lovely day

OH GOSH I AM HAVING EMOTIONS nonnie i am so happy for you that you’ve been able to come out  and feel comfortable with your gender bc i genuinely truly hope that happens for all of my followers!!! i want you all to be happy so much bc you’re all so wonderful and precious and AHHHH FEELIN THE LOVE OKAY I’M FEELIN IT <3


boys will be boys

girls will be girls

nonbinary people will be rulers of the universe

smokee78 asked: I just wanted to say thanks so much for running this blog, it really helped me figure out my gender identity (genderqueer). It has also helped me so much to learn about problematic things I shouldn't say and about issues all over the world. You're fantastic, keep running this blog please Corin! :)

oh gosh thanks so much friend, i’m so happy that my blog has helped and educated you and ah!!! this was such a nice message to receive <3 and don’t worry, i will keep running this blog FOREVERRRR or you know as long as tumblr is a thing that people do


finding out your friend is nonbinary


I tried to make a post about my sensory issues bc I really think I need to learn how to deal with them somehow and I’d like help and/or reassurance but tumblr just deleted half the post and I don’t want to type it all again bc it’s exhausting and I hate it and why