ok so i’m losing faith with the whole ‘getting surgery on the nhs’ thing. the gender consultant in aberdeen is changing again, and it’s just a complete clusterfuck, we’re all gonna get lost in the system again. is making an indiegogo a reasonable thing? i’m gonna need to raise about £4000, but even if i can raise SOME of that through donations/commissions it would help so much. i’m just really worried about my mental health in the long term (as well as i physical health from binding) and i want to stop living like this as soon as possible. opinions and ideas ???


hey friends! i compose sometimes, and I wrote a song called ‘perchance i’ll dream of you’ which i recorded a rough version of today!!! it’s (somewhat obviously) inspired by starbucks (or stucky) and CA:TWS. I’ll be uploading more songs and poetry to my youtube channel in the near future so head on over if you want to see my stuff!! lyrics can be found on youtube.

not gender related, just a self promo because hey i write songs!!!! please check it out if you want :)


i will be the number #1 trans

Watching new tricks and WHAT A SURPRISE the baddie is a man of colour with an Indian last name and accent, after all the older white guys were cleared and shown to be ‘just decent guys’!!!! How shocking!!!!


These tweets from @OfRedAndBlue are very important.

Sudden attack of really intense dysphoria like. I am going to spend the foreseeable future wearing a binder. Every day. There is literally no way around this. Saving for private surgery is near impossible cost-wise and getting surgery on the NHS seems impossible too bc despite me passing all the tests they still haven’t referred me and even if they did a lot of the surgeons aren’t great??? I’m just sick of living like this and there doesn’t seem to be an end in sight





I bet that if more people were informed and educated about non-binary genders the cis population would go down a lot

Hey Dopey, gender identity has nothing to do with knowledge. Also, forcing views on children…


trans women dont have to be feminine to be ‘valid’
trans men dont have to be masculine to be ‘valid’
nonbinary people dont have to be androgynous to be ‘valid’


a reminder that dysphoria is a spectrum and can be literally debilitating or simply discomforting depending on who experiences it, and that truscum believe you need to experience some degree of dysphoria to be trans

thank you

Loving Someone with Dysphoria


Whether it be a partner, child, friend, or parent watching any loved one suffer is difficult. Watching someone you love struggle with dysphoria can be extremely heart-wrenching and you may find yourself wondering what you can do or say to make it better. Here are some…


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I found a pie chart maker.